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What Is Firearms Simulation?

Firearms Simulation is a fun, safe and educational alternative in covering many aspects of firearm training and continual education.  The biggest advantage to utilizing scenario based simulation training is to provide a safe format for decision making under pressured and very stressful situations.   We utilize a state of the art TI Firearms Simulation unit which provides us many options from family entertainment to self protection scenarios.  While your experience can vary from target pactice, to timed competitions, to Zombies to home invasion scenarios, never to be confused or mistaken for a video game replacement, everything we offer here at Midwest S.W.A.T. Academy is based around bassic firearm training, safety and proper etiquette first and foremost.  While we do utilize our simulation range within our scheduled training sessions, the  range can also be booked for private groups and gathering, used for corporate team building events or simply booked by families, friends or individuals in 30 minute increments.   It's Fun, it's Safe, it's warm in the winter and cool in the summer and maybe best of all, the cost of ammo simply does not exist.  Our screen is 12'x16' backed by complete Dolby Surround Sound and can handle up to four shooters at once.    

Speed and accuracy training

Increase the speed of your shooting and the accuracy in hitting your intended target! By shooting weapons in controlled situations like this, you can hone in on your skills without the real-life risk of making dangerous mistakes.

Learn to handle firearms in an environment where it's safe to make mistakes and correct them before you get into real-life situations.

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Gain confidence with your weapon

Midwest S.W.A.T. Academy exists to give you the skills and confidence to defend yourself out in the real world. You'll emerge from our firearms simulations with a greater understanding of your weapon, and a newfound confidence along with it.

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Law enforcement scenario breakdown

You'll come out of our training with a much deeper knowledge of what it takes to be a law enforcement officer. For our law enforcement training, you'll be trained on tough decision making,  negotiating and interactive skills, case law, department policy, debriefing reports and more.

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