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Meet Our Instructors

All of our courses at Midwest S.W.A.T. Academy are taught by instructors who collectively have decades of SWAT, military, law enforcement and martial arts expertise, along with real-world application of the techniques taught in these courses.

Ron is a retired Master Patrol Officer with the Decatur, Illinois Police Department. For the last twenty years, he has served as a Master Firearms Instructor and team member / sniper for the Decatur Police Department Emergency Response Team. He has served over 800 high risk warrants and has deployed on several hostage & barricaded gunmen incidents.


From 1986 to 1992, Ron was an operator with the Central Intelligence Agency, assigned to the Special Protective Operation Teams. While on the Special Protective Operation Teams, Ron served as a Team Member and Team Leader and deployed on numerous real world missions. Prior to serving with the CIA, Ron served honorably with the United States Marine Corps.


Instructor Certifications

•State of Illinois

•Law Enforcement Patrol Rifle Instructor (NEMERT)

•Master Firearms Instructor

•University of Illinois Police Training Institute Patrol Rifle Instructor #2543

•Singleton International MP-5 Instructor

•Sage International Instructor SL-1, SL-6

•Active Shooter/Patrol Rapid Deployment Instructor

Specialized Training Certificates

•Trigger Time Valley Shooting Complex

•Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC)

•Classified Training Facilities for Counter Terrorism

Armorer Certifications

•Glock Pistol

•Defensive Edge Training & Consulting Inc. AR-15 Rifle

•Taser International M-26 Advance & Taser X26

Professional Associations

•International Law Enforcement Educators & Training Associations (ILEETA)

•Illinois Tactical Officers Association (ITOA)

Professional Achievements

•Honorable Discharge

•Rank L/CPL

•Letter of Appreciations

•Good Conduct Medal

•Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Glyco Georgia

•Police Training Program 8PT-701

•Exceptional Performance Awards

•Meritorious Unit Citation

•Master Firearms Instructor

•Less Lethal Instructor

•MP-5 Instructor

•AR-15 Instructor/Armor

•Glock Pistol Instructor/Armor

•Taser International Instructor/Armor

•Emergency Response Team Member & Sniper

•Department Letter Commendations

•Division Letter Commendations

•Award of Valor

•Key Drug Awards

Our instructors will teach you how to defend yourself from possible dangers using high-tech training methods such as our state-of-the-art simulation system.


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Ron Coventry


Master Firearms Instructor / CCW Instructor

Dave has been a police officer in the State of Illinois for over 20 years. Currently, Dave holds the rank of Lieutenant in the patrol division and oversees the department's Firearms Training Unit.


During his career in law enforcement, he has held various positions and assignments including patrol officer, Investigator and Narcotics Inspector with the Illinois State Police Task Force X; a multi-jurisdictional narcotics enforcement task force.


Dave previously served as a member of his departments Special Weapons and Tactics Team as an entry team member and sniper. In addition, Dave was previously a member of the ILEAS Region 7 Special Response Team (SRT), a regional team designed to conduct tactical operations in a WMD environment.


During his career in law enforcement, Dave has participated in numerous warrant services and high risk incidents, including a deployment with the Region 7 SRT Team to New Orleans, LA., during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.


Instructor Certifications

•State of Illinois Master Firearms Instructor

•Patrol Rifle Instructor

•Defense Technology Less Lethal Instructor (Chemical, Irritant and Impact)

•Defense Technology Distraction Device Instructor

•ALICE Response Instructor

•CPR Instructor

Specialized Training Certifications

•Force Science Institute - Certified Force Science Analyst

•Northwestern University School of Police Staff & Command - Class #303

•Basic Illinois Law Enforcement Course

•Field Training Officer (FTO) – Northwestern University

•Accident Investigation I – Northwestern University

•Stinger Spike Strip – Federal Signal Corporation

•Master Firearms Instructor – U of I Police Training Institute

•Patrol Rifle Instructor – U of I Police Training Institute

•Clandestine Laboratory Investigations - Clandestine Laboratory Investigators Association

•Clandestine Laboratory Supervisor - Clandestine Laboratory Investigators Association

•Basic SWAT Course – Champaign Police Department

•Basic Sniper Course – Snipercraft

•Advanced Sniper Training – CenterMass, Inc.

•SWAT Supervision and Command – R. M. McCarthy & Associates

•WMD Tactical Operations – LSU & NCBRT

•WMD Law Enforcement Protective Measures – (HOT Course) – LSU & NCBRT / Center For Domestic Preparedness

•WMD Tactical Commanders Course - LSU & NCBRT

•Patriot Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Certification

•Transit Terrorist Tools & Tactics – U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security

•Command Post Operations – Illinois State Police Academy

•National Incident Management (NIMS)

Professional Associations

•National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA)

•Illinois Tactical Officers Association (ITOA)

•International Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers Association (ILEETA)

•American Sniper Association (ASA)

Professional Achievements

•Department Medal of Valor recipient

•Chief of Police Distinguished Leadership Award

•City Service Awards (3)

•Departmental Commendation Award (3)

•Departmental Letters of Commendation

•Illinois MEG Directors and Task Force Commanders Association Award (2)

•Adjunct Faculty (part-time) – University of Illinois Police Training Institute


Dave Shaffer

Master Firearms Instructor / Sniper Instructor / CCW Instructor


A highly skilled and industrious security operations manager, with extensive experience in general security, risk management, program development, crisis management, police tactical operations training, and risk evaluation and mitigation strategies. Transforms under-performing teams into superior contributors by refocusing attention on concrete, achievable objectives. A highly qualified and disciplined leader, with strong work ethic and communication skills to accommodate diverse levels of understanding and fulfill corporate goals. Develops a thorough understanding of historical security risk, as well as current and emerging risk, ensuring the continued safety of an organization.



CHEVIRON & ASSOCIATES, Vice President, 2014-Present

Manages security risk management consulting projects.



Deputy Director, Global Security, 2002-2014

Managed all security risk management activities and teams for South America, China, and Caribbean. Oversaw asset protection operations for North America and Canada, including security regulation compliance assurance efforts,

management of food defense program, security risk assessment and mitigation efforts, and management of maritime security program. Provided subject matter expertise and support for crisis leadership plan and served as subject matter expert on corporate integrated risk management teams for supply chain disruption, safety and security, food defense, pandemic, business continuity planning, and food safety.

• Served as private sector representative on DHS Food and Agriculture Sector Coordinating Council, with secret clearance issued by DHS. Solicited by DHS, FDA, and USDA to serve as first Chair of DHS Food and Agriculture Sector Joint Committee on Research for Food Defense.

• Functioned as chair of National Oilseed Processors Association security committee.

• Acted as primary SME for National Grain and Feed Association security committee.

• Served as private sector subject matter expert for 2014 National Chemical Terrorism Risk Assessment.

• Functioned as private sector representative for National Intelligence Council team, producing report, “Global Trends, 2025: A Transformed World.”

• Acted as member of National Center for Food Protection and Defense Industry working group.

• Served on steering committee for FBI Strategic Partnership Program Agro-Terrorism Initiative.

• Presented at many national conferences, including FBI International Symposium on Agro-Terrorism and National Food Safety Summit on a variety of food defense and security risk management-related topics.

• Developed state-of-the-art maritime counter-piracy program used by ADM.

• Facilitated development and deployment of sciences-based risk assessment tool to identify agent and product-specific risk related to intentional contamination of food.



DECATUR POLICE DEPARTMENT, Decatur, Illinois, Deputy Chief of Police, 1976-2002.

Developed first professional standards division incorporating coordinated internal affairs and training with department operations. Commanded

investigations division, managing all investigations, including counter-narcotics, counter-gang, juvenile, street crime, and general investigations, and commanded patrol division, responsible for all call-for-service management. Served as commander of emergency response team (SWAT) for department.


RICHLAND COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Decatur, Illinois, Coordinator, Law-Enforcement Program, 1980-2002.

Prepared and delivered classroom instruction in the Law-Enforcement Program, as well as Sociology curriculum. In addition, coordinated course development, identified instructors, and coordinated class schedules for the entire Law-Enforcement Program as an adjunct faculty member.


CHARLESTON POLICE DEPARTMENT, Charleston, Illinois, Police Patrol Officer, Detective, 1972-1976.

Attended National Crime Prevention Institute at University of Louisville. Served as crime-prevention officer and detective, with general criminal investigation responsibilities. Received Ervin H. Warren award for excellence at University of Illinois Police Training Institute. Earned numerous merit awards for felony-in-progress arrests.



UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS, Sergeant, 1968-1972. Served in infantry, with one tour in Vietnam.



RYAN CRISIS MANAGEMENT CONSULTING, Decatur, Illinois, President, 1995-2002. Incorporated to allow for highrisk, realism- based police tactical training. Provided training courses, including Hostage Barricaded Incident Management, High-Risk Patrol Operations, Police Response to the Active Shooter, and High-Risk Warrant Service, as

well as classroom presentations for extreme school violence program management, community preparation for WMD incidents, and community preparation for active shooter incidents. Developed and delivered direct training to hundreds of police officers in Illinois and Colorado for rapid response to active shooter. Provided expert opinion for civil cases in federal court concerning the police use of force.




B.A., Criminal Justice, 1975

Graduate FBI National Academy, 190th Session



Retired Law-Enforcement Officer, Concealed Carry, 2002



MP-5 Instructor, 1990

Rich Ryan

Our firearms instructors have prior military, police, SWAT and martial arts experience

Arrow white small

Jeff began his Martial Arts training in 1980 and comes to Midwest SWAT Academy with over 35 years of Combative Martial Arts experience.  He owned and operated DeVore Academy of Martial Arts and Fitness where his role was Chief Master Instructor from 1989 to 2010, at which time he retired from commercial instruction to pursue more active time with his family.  


Jeff also brings a vast amount of knowledge to the Academy by way of Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai.  He was the Head Coach of Team DeVore for many years where he produced numerous competing champions in the disciplines of boxing, kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts.  Jeff has earned the respect and recognition for his coaching abilities throughout the Midwest as well as across the United States and abroad.  In 2008, Jeff was appointed as the assistant coach for the St Louis Enforcers, a traveling K-1 kickboxing team within the Chuck Norris World Combat League.


Jeff also played an intricate role in writing and getting a Defense Tactics Class state approved and state accredited to be taught within the Criminal Justice Program at Richland Community College.  This class become part of their ongoing curriculum.  


In addition, Jeff has presented numerous hands on Self-Awareness, Self-Defense workshops over the years ranging from Girl Scout groups to Corporate and Special Interest entities.  


Jeff’s true forte that he brings to the Midwest SWAT Academy is his vast knowledge, understanding, and ongoing development of his close quarter hand to hand combative experience and background.  He utilizes his S.D.E. theory in both his teaching and approach to self-defense.  Simple * Direct * Effective, this is the motto his classes are all designed around to produce results of immediate threat elimination.  




• Founder and Master Instructor of the Bando-Ryu Karate System (1994)

• 8th Degree Black Belt in Nippon Ketsugu Kai / Kenpo-Jitsu

• 5th Degree Black Belt Joe Lewis Fighting System

• 4th Degree Black Belt Combat Karate  





Jeff DeVore

Close Quarter Battle (CQB) Combative Instructor

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Shane Wright

Shane is currently employed with PK Firearms in Shelbyville.  He is the head Armorer/builder for PK's.  He has been doing this since 2010, and has built, fixed, and serviced 1000's of AR-15s.  


Shane served 3 years with the United States Army.  Shane served as a Cavalry Scout with 10th Mountain Division, 3-71 Cav.  While serving with 3-71, he was deployed to Afghanistan where he conducted daily real world operations.  During his combat tour, he conducted numerous home raids, dismounted movements, PSD missions (Personal security detail), and Mounted movements.  His tour of duty ended and he left the United States Army with the rank of Specialist with an Honorable Discharge.  


Awards and Recognition:

• Honorable Discharge

• Afghanistan Campaign Medal with Campaign Star

• Army Commendation Medal

• 3 Army Achievement Medals

• National Defense Service Medal

• Global War on Terrorism Service Medal

• Army Service Ribbon

• Overseas Service Ribbon

• NATO Medal

• Combat Action Badge

• Expert Rifle Badge


Specialized Training:

• Army Armorer      School AR-15




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