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Our entire Team of Professionals would like to  Congratulate you on taking your first step to PLAN ~ PREPARE ~ PROTECT!  And also, to become familiar with the

Combat Warrior Mindset.  


Midwest S.W.A.T. Academy was founded on the fact that there are many people obtaining conceal carry permits these days.  Most receive the state required 16 hours of training, consisting of about 15 hours in the classroom with maybe one hour on the range, firing 30-100 rounds of live ammo.  Then, these same individuals are reviewed and many granted the right to carry a concealed firearm in public.  Many of these people are simply concerned for their safety and the safety of their loved ones in today's crazy society.  Many have had little to no exposure to firearms before taking this class and many are now owning firearms for the first time in their lives.  Pretty scary when you get right down and think about it, right?  So, where do they now go for continual training and firearm education, what is currently available to them? The Solution - MIDWEST S.W.A.T. ACADEMY!  

So, whether you're a member of law enforcement, Military or a civilian who would like to actively further your knowledge and education, Midwest S.W.A.T. Academy has classes you can take to gain hands-on knowledge of both combative firearm training as well as close quarter hand-to-hand tactical combat.


You'll get extensive training from our real life experienced instructors using a combination of both live fire training as well as our state of the art, high-tech simulation system.  Learn how to weigh your risks and options in a variety of scenario based dangerous situation and how to protect yourself and others accordingly.


S.W.A.T. stands for Simulated Weapons Advanced Tactical Training. Learn in reality based simulated scenarios what it takes to use both your weapons and your brain in a high-risk situation.  The simulation system is highly utilized for decision making skills.  Both Law Enforcement and Civilians are placed in challanging situations where many life deciding decisions must be made, and made quickly.  Defense sysstem options vary from pistol, carbine, OC Spray, Tazer and low light scenarios.  You can work the scenarios as an individual or you can also sharpen your team building skills in this sector of our training.

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CQB / Tactical Combative Classes

This class will train you to have the advantage during a close quarter hand to hand combat situation.  Whether it involves weapon retention or a straight out tactical hand to hand combative encounter, our S.D.E. (Simple, Direct, Effective) Concept will better prepare you to quickly assess, diffuse and overcome the situation in the simplest and shortest amount of time possible.  Hand to hand combat evolves rather quickly and does not last long, it does not have to be complicated when you understand the desire, the intenet and the end result!

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L.E. TRAINING / Experience it before you live it

With all the recent scrutiny on our Law Enforcement Officers, one of the best and most practical ways to sharpen a new recruit's skill is to expose them to learn about high-stress situations before they actually encounter one in the streets that they serve and protect.  Give your trainees interactive experiences with their duty weapons, pepper spray, tasers, and more.  Put them under stressful decision making scenarios where they have the option of making that first mistake, the first wrong call, the first bad decision without recourse to them or your department.  Midwest S.W.A.T. Academy also offers a great refresher option for all of your offficers.  Our Instructors are ex-military, ex and current LE, ex CIA Operatives.  When quality and real life experience counts, call Midwest S.W.A.T. Academy!!

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