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By Midwest SWAT Academy, Jun 2 2016 09:18PM

On Wednesday, June 29th from 5:30 - 8:30 PM Midwest SWAT Academy's Tactical Combative Instructor, Jeff DeVore will be leading a three hour informational and hands on workshop utilizing his S.D.E. Approach (Simple, Direct, Effective) You will learn three simple steps on not vbecoming a victim and three simple steps on how to react if by chance you do fall victim. Jeff will taech you the Simple, Direct and Effective manner of getting Down ~n~ Dirty with an attacker or assailant. Call today to reserve your spot for this dynamic workshop! 217-864-1045 or email Jeff @ jdevore@midwestswat.com

By Midwest SWAT Academy, May 5 2016 12:48PM

Midwest SWAT Academy has partnered with Shooter School Weapon Training Site to offer "The Civilian Active Shooter Awareness Seminar" lecture series and we are now booking dates in your area. Contact Midwest Swat Academy at 217-864-1045 or Shooter School Weapon Training at 217-972-8523 for information how to book a seminar for you and / or your group.

We are also offering an extensive 23 hour Civilian Active Shooter Training Course designed for todays Concealed Carry Permit holders or anynone desiring to obtain a Conceal Carry Permit. This training is broken down into 3 hour modules and covers a vast variety of training on heal to deal with an active shooter in todays society.

By Midwest SWAT Academy, Apr 25 2016 03:08PM


TARGET ZONE- tip of the nose

NATURAL ARSENAL - palm of hand

INTENT - to break the nose, flush to cheek bone. Claw the face from forehead to chin

DESIRED RESULT - blood in throat (impaired breathing) water in eyes (impaired vision) element of surprise (always an advantage) collection of DNA (legal tracking)

STRIKING METHOD - open hand, upward strike to tip of nose. Once hand is flush with threats face open and slightly bend fingers. While dropping your entire body weight dig finger nails as deep as possible from forehead to tip of chin. At this point refer back to desired results. Disconnect from situation as soon as possible and call 911. Make sure they get the DNA samples from under your finger nails that will match the deeply striped face you just left behind.

REMEMBER – self-defense techniques can be very dangerous tools when properly applied. You should only engage in a self-defense situation when your life or the life of others have been threatened. If there is not a life on the line walking away is ALWAYS your best option.

BEST FORM OF SELF DEFENSE - self -Awareness. Be aware of your surroundings, carry yourself with confidence, and always know your options and alternatives.

Always apply - SPEED - ACCURACY - TOTAL CONVICTION..........

Stay True to Your Heart and Loyal to Your Dreams, and until next time,

Smile, Stay Positive and MAKE IT a GREAT Day Everyone, after all, it is your choice, it is your day! You are exchanging a day of your life for it, so Get You Some!!

Be Safe Out There!!


God Bless Friends,

Hanshi Jeff L. DeVore

By guest, Jan 11 2016 02:29PM

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