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About Midwest S.W.A.T. Academy



Midwest S.W.A.T. Academy was formed as an institution to further expand research, knowledge, and education in modern-day tactical combative training.

S.W.A.T. (Simulated Weapons Advanced Tactical Training) offers a wide array of educational training opportunities ranging from scenario-based law enforcement training, to basic firearm education, conceal carry classes, as well as progressive, ongoing training, risk assessment evaluation, team-building programs, self-awareness / self-defense seminars and workshops right down to close-quarter hand-to-hand combative training.


Midwest S.W.A.T. Academy also offers a wide selection of entertainment options through various simulation selections, including steel targets, paper targets, virtual gun range, zombie shoots, SASS scenarios, youth training programs and many more, whether for just some good stress relief and fun or for competitive settings.


Midwest S.W.A.T. Academy has a very diverse staff of instructors ranging from past law enforcement, military, and martial arts based backgrounds.

Law enforcement

If you’re an experienced conceal carry holder or you’ve recently taken the course but are unsure how to assess, react and what your legal rights are in an active shooter / self-defense situation, Midwest S.W.A.T. Academy has something to offer you.


Whether you’re a beginner, novice, or expert level shooter, Midwest S.W.A.T. Academy has something to offer you.  

Join a self-defense or firearm simulation class at our family owned and locally operated business.



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Conceal carry

Whether you’re a big city or small-town department, whether you're training, evaluating, or assessing new recruits, re-qualifying seasoned officers, or just want to sharpen your officers skills with reality-based scenario training, with over 100 Law Enforcement Real Life Simulated Scenarioes, Midwest S.W.A.T. Academy has something to offer you.  Duty Weapon, OC, Taser, Low Light.  Not to mention a multitude of live fire training classes and excercises.


If you’re looking for some marksmanship target practice without the excessive cost of live ammo in a fun and safe environment, Midwest S.W.A.T. Academy has something to offer you.  Or, you can join us down range and enjoy a variety of our live fire classes as well.

Friends and family

If you’re looking for something fun and exciting to do with your family, a group of friends, work associates, or a special interest group, Midwest S.W.A.T. Academy has something to offer you.

Self-awareness / Self-protection

If you’re looking to gain both the confidence and knowledge to protect yourself and your loved ones in today’s society, Midwest S.W.A.T. Academy has something to offer you.

Group fun

If you’re looking to book an event with a unique experience, bachelor / bachelorette party, birthday party, corporate team building event, monthly meeting, or whatever, Midwest S.W.A.T. Academy has something to offer you.

Fundraising events

If you are looking for a unique, fun, and exciting way to host a fundraising event, something out of the ordinary, Midwest S.W.A.T. Academy has something to offer you.

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